Sorry for the Inconvenience
New Sales Office and Showroom to open by August 13, 2012

Stock flooring and slabs may still be ordered by email or phone 416-293-3664.

Why choose Acme Slate?

Don’t be deceived by low prices offered by Home Depot or other slate suppliers.

By ordering cheaper, low-quality slate you will end up paying more because:

  • You will have to pay for slate sealers

  • Installers will charge more for installation of lower-quality slate

  • You will have to order more slate to account for wastages

Acme Slate is proud to offer:

  • Only highest-quality, grade ”A” slate

  • Competitive quote within 24 hours

  • Custom slate sizes to fit your needs

  • Our slate is 100 % maintenance-free

  • Professional installation at reasonable prices

  • Fast delivery across Canada and United States

  • We work with the same quarries for over 100 years


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